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3 Estrellas Michelin

with an idea



3 Estrellas Michelin


The Concept


We have creativity in our DNA. We try to open new avenues although we're aware we weren't the ones to start the path. We extract perspective, flavour and coherence from work that many have done before us. We delve into the depths of time and take what we need so that we can reason with logic. We progress from the respect that we get from everything that's been done; and from that very point, we can really understand what's novel.


Our cuisine doesn't try to be pretentious; but it is unique. We feel the need to reinvent ourselves; to surprise ourselves. The numerous hours spent in front of the stove, trialling and testing, lead us to create something different: our own rhetoric with familiar words and many new ones. We don't intend to be unique or sparkling like a shooting star, but we're certain that what we create can't be eaten anywhere else in the world.


Great cuisine is only possible with the finest products. The first surprise that we've got ready for our diners is the quality, freshness and natural flavour of our ingredients. We search for incredible flavours across the world and are certain that the best are closest to home. The backbone of our cuisine is the products we use. Our most acclaimed recipes are those that bring out the very best of our excellent raw materials.


The Elaboration

3 Estrellas Michelin

Jordi Cruz

The Chef

Tenacity , passion and perseverance are the keys to success .

The Chef

Jordi Cruz

Jordi Cruz was born in Manresa (Barcelona) in 1978 and studied cooking at the “Escola Superior d’Hosteleria Joviat” in the same city. At 14 years old he began working in the restaurant Cercs Estany Clar (Barcelona), where he received his first Michelin star in November 2004, becoming, at 24 years, the youngest chef in our country and second in the world to receive this distinction. The strong promise he represents within the panorama of Spanish Cuisine was recognised from that moment on.

Before that, he won several awards among which are: the Young Chef’s Spanish Championship in San Sebastian in 2002; the International prize Cooking with Olive Oil from “Jaén Paraíso Interior”, made in 2003 under “Best of Gastronomy” section, also in San Sebastian, or the Championship of Spain Award for Young Values, Ciudad de Marbella, that he won in 2003.

In 2006 he became the champion of the first edition of “Chef of the Year” CCA, an event where he is currently Vice President of the jury (the Chef Martin Berasategui is the President).

In December 2007, Jordi Cruz left the Estany Clar and became the manager and head Chef at the restaurant Angle de Món Sant Benet (Barcelona). In November 2008 the restaurant was also awarded 1* Michelin star. In June 2013 Angle moves to Hotel Cram Barcelona and maintains 1* Michelin untill 2019 when obtained the 2**Michelin.

In May 2010, he took the lead of ABaC Restaurant & Hotel, which is now the gastronomic reference of the city and it is awarded as Best Restaurant of Catalonia 2011 by the Catalan Academy of Gastronomy, on 2012 with 2* Michelin Guide, 3 “Soles Repsol” since 2013 and, on November 2017 with 3*** Michelin stars.

In June 2012 he opened a new restaurant in Barcelona Ten’s Tapas Restaurant, in the heart of the Born district, offers tapas and side dishes true to the philosophy of ABaC Barcelona.

In 2013 he was awarded as Chef de l'Avenir by the “Académie Internationale de la Gastronomie” (International Gastronomy Academy).

In Decembre 2016 his new opening: Atempo Bistró-Cosmopolita, located at the Hotel The Mirror Barcelona. This time, Atempo Restaurant follows a concept created by Chef Jordi Cruz that refers to the traditional Bistró and where classic dishes of international cuisine will be offered. Also, the kitchen, seen through a panoramic space, allows seeing the team working.

In November 2017, he has obtained his 3rd*** Michelin star for ABaC Restaurant, placing us in the maximum ranking of the Gastronomic Guide and becoming the second restaurant of the City of Barcelona to hold such a prized award.

Jordi Cruz is the author of 6 books: Cocina con lógica,  Grandes platos para todos los días, El cocinero tenaz, Cocina en casa como un chef, Cooking in evolution & Tapas con Rock n'Roll.

Regarding his cuisine, the chef himself defines it as "evolutionary and restless, based on the product and where creativity and tradition are merged." Within his profession, the coherency and clarity of his avant-garde cuisine have continued to stand out from changing fashions and trends.

Nowadays, he is a judge in the program Master Chef Spain in TVE1.


The Dish

3 Estrellas Michelin

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The Table

3 Estrellas Michelin


In time immemorial, table designed to display offerings, gold and silver pieces...

The space


A sulphurised steel lattice screen dominates the lobby that welcomes us. The restaurant's elegant lounges invite us to get comfortable and take pleasure in the order, shapes, and materials used to meticulously decorate them. Oak parquet flooring finished with rustic grey wax. Oval tables that give the space character and provide diners with an intimate setting. Ceiling and perimeter lighting that put the dish in the spotlight and provide a warm ambience. Lace and satin textiles in hues of grey, which frame large windows that look out onto the garden. Spazzolato oak doors and furniture and an ebony bookshelf with brass inserts. Luxury detailing that echoes its acclaimed gastronomy.


The company

3 Estrellas Michelin


Wine Cellar

Wine, show me the art of seeing my own history, as if it were already a handful of ashes in memory. Jorge Luis Borges

Every wine has its own story, full of adventures, challenges and victories, which sit there protected between the cork and glass, waiting to be narrated by our palate.A hidden, fresh and shaded library that houses stories of nearby and faraway lands, some temperate and others more rugged, but all designed to fill us with joy.

Tens of places to visit, hundreds of landscapes to enjoy, thousands of stories to explain.

Wine cheers the sad, revives the old, inspires the young, makes weariness forget his toil. Lord Byron


The experience

3 Estrellas Michelin


The team

3 Estrellas Michelin

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